Sports Betting Systems

Sports betting has become a very common practice for fans wanting to turn their passion into income. Casual sports bettors, amateurs, and professionals all use their own system to reap in big profits. Sports bettors need to follow an effective system in order to be successful. Many bettors rely on luck instead of following proven systems that have worked for decades. The bettors following these sports betting systems or strategies are on track to being the winners of their competitions.

Over and Under Systems and strategy

Over and under bets can be very tricky. Sometimes people will just look at stats and vicariously think that there decision is justified. It’s important to understand that the oddsmakers do not want the same teams to keep winning the over or the under. If a football team scores the “over” in three straight games the percentage of them scoring the “under” will increase dramatically the following game. A good guess would indicate the oddsmakers will continue to increase the over each week for that specific team. It’s always important to remember that teams will not continue to score consistently in the over or under category. On average in a 12 game football season you will see teams usually usually fall anywhere from 5-7, 6-6, or 7-5 in the over and under categories. Obviously there are exceptions but the bottom line is to study the over and under figures each week to determine when you think a team is at risk of losing their streak.

Example of over and under strategy:
Texas Tech has scored over 50 points in their first three games. Tech played average to below average competition in all three games. They are 3-0 in over and unders. Week 4 they play Oklahoma State who is also a high scoring team, averaging 45 points per game. Oddsmakers put the total at around 77. The casual bettor will think it’s a no brainier that the total will be over 77, however, both teams have played weaker competition and the oddsmakers are tricking the average bettor. Remember not to fall for this, especially if teams are playing weaker teams.

Home Underdogs

This is always a safe bet. Home underdogs, especially in college sports, play inspired. Most oddsmakers will try to up the line so that the average or novice bettor will pick the favorite team to cover on the road. Generally the home dogs, especially in night games, have a spark in which an upset can occur. It’s also been noted that road favorites are more conservative in there coaching strategies early in the contest. It takes these coaches and players time to settle in, which allows the home team to get early leads that can either cause an upset win or close game.

Strategy example for home underdogs:
In 2015 Georgia Tech upset Florida State at home in College Football. Tech was over a touchdown underdog, but eventually blocked a late field goal to defeat FSU. Had FSU made the field goal, Tech would’ve still covered the spread.

Losing Streak System

When teams are on losing streaks sometimes taking a chance on them can be smart. Remember, oddsmakers want everything to be balanced. If a team keeps losing and failing to cover the spread, eventually they will. They won’t keep losing. You’ll see oddsmakers make these teams large underdogs and they will cover the spread in the next few contests. Look to pick teams with losing streaks when they are at home.
Losing Streak Example:
The Jacksonville Jaguars have lost three games in a row and have also failed to cover the spread. The line in those three games were +3, +5, and +6. Jacksonville has lost the games by between 7-10 points. This week they play an average opponent at home and the line inflates to 7. Pick them to cover in the next game. Remember to always pay attention to the lines in all of their last few games.

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