Best Football Handicappers to Follow in 2016

As the new season of football approaches, readers are beginning to analyze updates on which stars to watch in the league. The young stars look promising, and you should set your eyes on the Super Bowl. An analysis has been done using data from the previous NFL season to come up with top ten players who we expect to have a great season. Here is a list of the ten best handicappers you should have your eyes on in the 2016 Super Bowl race and win more;

Rocky Sheridan
Rocky is the reigning handicapping champion which he won at the end of 2015 season. His mastering skills and sharpness earned the undisputed title last season. Rocky’s win was the highest basing on money earned from the College Football. If you like betting on totals, you should avoid placing your bet on Rocky. He is a kind of player who likes playing on the sides and has great knacks for sniffing dogs. In 2015 he got 61% of his college football picks, 57% of his NFL picks and has won a total of 70 grand for his dime betting followers since September 2014.

Brad Diamond
Consistency in performance has earned Brad Diamond a spot on the best handicappers of this generation. In 2014, he was the College Football money winner. He won 63 games and 35 grand for his betting dime followers. His success and insights on the NFL have earned him various calls on radios. His followers have earned a total of $58,000.

Rob Vinciletti
Rob Vinciletti is becoming a cemented handicapper with time. He has won 57% games in basketball and 58% games in baseball. Last season, he won almost 67 grand for his betting followers. Rob is a player to watch in the forthcoming season.

Marco D’Angelo
If you want to make a sure bet in 2016, Marco D’Angelo is the kind of player you would want to take a risk on. This veteran player has an incredible record of hitting over 60 of his football picks last season. He has a consistency in performance and form earning his followers loads of money over the years.

Matt Fargo
Matt Fargo is a fantastic player who has a managed to win NFL handicapping money twice. He has routinely hit over 57% of his total picks for all seasons he has played. He has improved recently hitting 60% in his last two seasons. The main reason why you should have Matt on your list is to have a higher chance of increasing your earning. Choosing Matt Fargo as your primary players gives you a total of 6-8 games every week. This translates to more earnings.

Marc Lawrence
He is an experienced handicapper with over 40 years in the game. He is a good handicapper but is better in College Football as compared to Pro league. Nevertheless, Marc seems to be getting better with age. In the last two seasons, he has earned his betting followers over $53,000. His picks translate to a 61% wins over the two seasons.

Zach Cimini
Zach has been on his top form in the last 12 months winning followers over 66 grand in all sports. His success has been built over the last seasons. Last season, he finished second in NFL championship and seventh in College Football handicappers in 2015 campaign. Most of his picks are on dogs, and he has an outstanding record of winning sides.

Teddy Covers
Teddy Covers was not actively involved in picks last season. Nevertheless, the few picks he made counted. With his few picks, he ranked 4th on NFL money list and 6th on College Football. If you are looking for a handicapper who is good in college and NFL picks, I recommend Teddy Covers. Followers made a total of 33 grand from his picks. Expect more from him this coming season.

Trev Rogers
In 2012 and 2013, Trev Rogers was the top handicapper winning the money title back to back. Despite his picks not hitting the same height in following seasons, 2016 is another chance for him. He won a record $80,000 for his followers.

Scott Spreitzer
Scott Spreitzer is one handicapper with a record of releasing many picks which are almost accurate. His last picks are over 500, and they hit over 57%. The 2016 NFL and College Football is another chance for followers to make real cash.

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