MLB Playoff Handicappers

Best MLB Handicappers for the Playoff Games

This season as major league baseball playoffs approaches I am searching who to bet on. However, I don’t trust my own skills when it comes to betting. Why? Because I’m female and I hardly ever bet based on stats and records. I am personally a horse racing fan. But my idea of a great pick is I really like the horses’ name or they have really crazy odds. Just to note. This method has actually worked for me. One time I even had seasoned bettors asking me for tips I was winning so well at Belmont that day.

Fast Forward… the MLC playoffs are coming. I am the type of gal who doesn’t put money down on any game unless it’s in the playoffs. I’m notorious for betting on all playoffs. I’ve decided I want to step it up a level and have been looking into professional betting. Those bar pools don’t pay as much as I wish they did and my family never makes good on their debts to me. I’m still waiting for my spoils from winning the NCAA March Madness Family Pool 3 years ago.

Handicappers… a new term to me but then I’m just learning professional betting. But I’ve picked a few I plan to watch. I will tell you a little about each I am watching and why they are on my radar.

TJ Pemberton is the first name I ran across. He’s got a pretty great record overall for all sports. However, he’s had some recent success with baseball picks lately. For the season Pemberton is 222-155 (58.9%) pretty impressive to me. He’s had some great picks this season. He’s worth looking into. I’m not completely sold. Maybe it’s because his name isn’t cute or he wins too much. There is no rhyme or reason to why I pick things on my own. If I’m looking for a guaranteed money maker I should go with this guy. He’s a pretty good bet.
Johnny Wynn is another handicapper I’ll be watching. He hasn’t bet on as many games this season as Pemberton but his win streak is just as good at 58.7%. He’s not known for losing more than 1 out of 3 picks on a given night. He may be a bit more cautious in where he places his bets but when he makes them it’s a pretty good bet that you will walk away with some extra money.

My third pick and probably the one I would bet on myself this season is Black Widow. Come on you know I had to pick a name because I liked it. I’m a fan of the Black Widow character from Marvel. And the black widow spider fascinates me even if I think spiders are gross. So Black Widow is my pick simply by looking at the name. Surprisingly though when it comes to MLB Black Widow aka Bill Young has a bit of a stronger win streak. His MLB pics rank at 59% this season. Yep, I picked a good one. Maybe I should be a handicapper for crazy bettors like myself.

So, men, you can use stats and records to pick your handicappers and your game picks. I’m going with Black Widow because it’s a cool name. Yes, he happens to have a pretty good pick streak going that’s just the added bonus for me. Each of the three men is worth following this playoff season and may the best man “win”.

NFL Betting Systems

NFL Betting Strategies to Help You Win

The rise of football in all its forms across the world has made me more aware than ever about how best to go about betting on the this unique U.S. based sport. have seen the growth of football in new territories as the NFL has sought to establish itself in the U.K. with the annual overseas series of regular season games growing each and every year. Those of us who enjoy placing bets on NFL games are now left with the problem of how best to do so in an expanding market with new bets and handicaps being added at all times; the basic strategies for betting on the NFL are similar to those used in other sports for increased success in the future.

Over my own years of betting on NFL games I have always looked to make sure I known exactly what my budget is for the bets I hop to place in U.S. based football. This is always important as this means the guesswork of how much to bet on each game is removed, that is not to say a game that appears to be completely one sided should not have a little extra placed on each bet.

Let’s get down to the basic strategies used for choosing and placing bets on the NFL season, which can often be a little more difficult than we imagine. Firstly, bets can be placed on the winners of divisions, championships, and the annual finale of the Super Bowl; unlike sports in Europe the NFL uses a salary cap and draft system in a bid to push lower performing teams to a higher final position and to allow different teams a chance at success. I find this makes it difficult to place a bet on the final outcomes of the season, but some teams tend to rise to the top on a regular basis or are spotted by experts as being in a position to win their division and qualify for the postseason playoffs.

Most of us place bets on individual games, which sees us place bets on the overall outcome of a game on a win or lose basis for each team; tied games are generally rare in the NFL and most bookmakers will return bets placed on tied games. In most cases a handicap will be created for a specific game that is designed to level the playing field between the two teams taking part. Bookmakers will create a plus and minus points total for each team in a game that we as customers must look at to decide if either team has the chance to overcome the advantage or disadvantage they are given.

there have been weeks where I have not liked the look of any individually handicapped games, but I have still wanted to place a bet on a game and looked instead to other areas where bets can be placed. The statistical nature of NFL games means information is always available on average points and yardage each team achieves or gives up in each game they play. Most bookmakers will offer odds on how many total points or yards will be achieved in a specific game, which is a bet I often look for as information on these statistics are generally available from official and unofficial websites.